Stevens Island

Barbara Dulac

Artist Statement and Biography

Barbara Dulac

Scarborough, Maine

I became an artist, first as a child, then a wife, a mother and grandmother. My graduate, post-graduate education and a corporate professional career were woven though out many, many years. My life and soul learned and developed creative interests, through dreams, spirituality and my family. Color everywhere, mystical music, dreams and intuition always prompt my consciousness to create, and fully express my perspectives.

Currently, my primary medium is oil painting. I absolutely love painting! My preference is painting en plein air - particular in warmer weather!. My oils are primarily focused on realism and detail, landscapes and especially, portraiture. Ocean and streams, simply create one's natural flows. Usually, en plein air painting is on beaches, marshes, and land, and capture trees, amazing tidal waters and Maine's solid colorful ancient rocks. While outside, visual transient sunlight and quickly capures colors and shadows. The most important process, I use ink sketching quickly to capture the sun to complete notan shadows and often using water colors for perfect colors for that's day best weather. Finally, one's expression is completed with oil paint and mediums and, truly, one's own personal accomplishment. Of course, one's accomplishment may simply be once - or embracing a new challenge to create growth and depth. Amazing!